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Jean Stack (Giuffrida)
Sales Manager Married 2

NO WAY I can't believe it's 30  years!!!!!  You guys are like really old!!!! Well, then again I have a 22 & 20 year old.  And by the way if they ever ask any of you.  I WAS the BIGGEST NERD EVER !!! OK ???Cover me on that one and I will owe you all big time  Actually come to think of it  I WAS the Biggest NERD!!!!!  This web-site is great Thanks Tammy et al, I feel 30 years younger just reading all of your names.  Such fun times we had. Hope to be there and catch up with all you terrific people.

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Peter Kelly
Magazine Publishing Management Married 2
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John Law
Profile picture
Mineclearance Diving Officer, Royal Navy Married 2
Greetings from wet and windy England. Hope this finds you all well and prospering. 
I would love to attend the Reunion in Nov but unfortunately Queen and Country require my presence here. I'll be bringing the family over to the States in Mar 2010 when I retire from the navy to show the kids where their old man grew up so maybe I'll see some of you then. Hope you have a great evening.

All the Best,
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elizabeth ryan
owner of floral/event design company Single
sadly, i wont be able to make it this time.  tammy- this site is fantastic!!  it's fun taking a walk through memory lane, and having the opportunity to contact old friends.  i wish i could be there for the reunion- i'll be there in spirit.  have a great time!!! Send elizabeth a MessageSend elizabeth a Message
Cynthia Hall (Domine)
Profile picture
Licensing Agent Married 2
Thanks, Thomie for creating this great site!!  So sorry that it has taken me so long to sign up.  

Hope to be at the Reunion!  It is always one of the best evenings of the decade!!

Life in Kennebunkport is great.  The girls are 15  (Paige) and 12 (Juliet).  Can't believe it!

Synchronicity, my licensing agency, is 10 years old this year!  I still represent Tootsie Roll, Wham-O as well as artist and inventors.  

Be in touch, classmates!!

Hope everyone is well and happy!

-- Cynthia
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Joe Peruzzi
Systems Analyst Married 1

What a GREAT Reunion, it is just so good for the soul !!!  
I think we should do this every year !
I am saddened by the news about Vanessa Ouzoonian....

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George Makari
psychiatrist Married 2
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Gary Andresini
I own and operate Graphic Express Menu Company, Inc. located at 200 Clifton Blvd. Unit 6 , Clifton 
,New Jersey 07011
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Cheryl koch (Smolen)
Married 2
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Bruce Warren
VP Technology - Goldman Sachs & Co. Married 2
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