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Wendy Epstein
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Development Director Married 3
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Michael D'Avanzo
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Commercial/Landscaping/Designer/Consultant Married 3

There is alot of people that probably would love to see eachother again from 1978. I hope it happens November 28th. Peace.

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Cecilia Lillis (O'Donnell)
Married 2
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Rich McCormick
University Relations Married 2
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Denise Ortega (Dalton)
HR Director Married 1
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Bradley Hammel
Software Engineer Married 1
Great Website!
Have not been to a reunion yet but will be at this one.
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Sabrina Finetto (Nelson)
Married 3
Hi everyone! Thanks so much Tammy for putting this all together. It's been great reading about you all. It's hard to believe 30  years have gone by. I've been living in California for almost the entire 30 years but I still think of New Jersey as home. I have 3 kids, a 17 year old daughter getting ready to go to college next year, a 14 year old son and a 7 year old son.  We just had our 20 year wedding anniversary this past summer. Life is good. I'm not sure if I can make it to the reunion or not. It's a hard time of year to be away and I'm not sure I can convince the whole family to travel east for the holiday. I would love to see you all though. Where did the time go? Send Sabrina a MessageSend Sabrina a Message
Jean Stack (Giuffrida)
Sales Manager Married 2

NO WAY I can't believe it's 30  years!!!!!  You guys are like really old!!!! Well, then again I have a 22 & 20 year old.  And by the way if they ever ask any of you.  I WAS the BIGGEST NERD EVER !!! OK ???Cover me on that one and I will owe you all big time  Actually come to think of it  I WAS the Biggest NERD!!!!!  This web-site is great Thanks Tammy et al, I feel 30 years younger just reading all of your names.  Such fun times we had. Hope to be there and catch up with all you terrific people.

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Peter Kelly
Magazine Publishing Management Married 2
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John Law
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Mineclearance Diving Officer, Royal Navy Married 2
Greetings from wet and windy England. Hope this finds you all well and prospering. 
I would love to attend the Reunion in Nov but unfortunately Queen and Country require my presence here. I'll be bringing the family over to the States in Mar 2010 when I retire from the navy to show the kids where their old man grew up so maybe I'll see some of you then. Hope you have a great evening.

All the Best,
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